I Tanika Whitfield am a former student of Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and I am in a rage of how I was done at this place. As of August 26, 2010 I was in a altercation with another student, was called a *** ***, threat was in process and in self defense I took action but not physical.

I am thrown out of school to live on the streets while the other student had no punishment.

I really hope this place is sued for every dime that we have spent. I heard out degree isn't real as well this is a disgrace I am homeless and they don't even care.

Monetary Loss: $80000.

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this school is a rip off!!!!!!!! do not go!

its a scam! they promised that my professors would have experience in the fashion industry and guaranteed a job upon graduation. what a complete lie!

i never once had a professor that was eligible, all my "professors" were teachers just seeking a part time job!

San Francisco, California, United States #840668

I went to Ai and the staff over there were completely unprofessional and they lied about jobs. They also teach very horrible and they don't care about students. I hope the government shuts them down for this scam that the Ai are doing


The Art Institute of Washington aka the "ARTIFICIAL INSTITUTE" is the worst art school ever!! I was there for 3 years and left almost a year ago because they were terrible and just plain awful.

I didn't graduate there but I was very close to graduation. They only care about the money. The teachers were terrible. One in particular is a complete joke.

The chairperson there is also a mess. He is so oblivious acting like he can help solve your problems when he can't at all. He never is really when you need him for help. Plus, the major I was in was very small hardly anyone joined it.

My advice to anyone interested in art schools: DON'T GO!!

Save your money and go somewhere else.

They will rip you off just like what they did to me. Believe me it's not worth it at all.


The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale is really terrible. Currently the dorms are an old hotel with mold/mildew.

It is VERY cramped in most rooms. Paying $750 a month for a room where you literally have no room from your bed to the desk to the dresser? Sorry, ripoff. The education isn't very good either.

The kit they gave me for fashion design had industrial design items and absolutely NOTHING I could use except maybe rubber cement. I was given the wrong sizes if papers and sketchbooks and when I needed to use the book and hand in a drawing for homework it broke the books binding and ripped my paper because it wasn't a a book the has tear-away pages. This kit cost $600 and was non-refundable (I was told this, others were able to refund after me). The classes are taught in ways that if you become lost, you will be too embarrassed to speak up.

Tutoring there sucks, and that is if they email you back and let you know they are available. Financial aid gets very snippy and literally talks to you like you are *** and rips you off. I started in July, they said I started in June and graduated 7 days later in July! So now I am paying back loans while in school instead of 6 months after graduation.

If you are unable to make payments on time (or with in the time frame) they kick you out of school and housing THAT DAY. Someone recently had to wait in the tv room for two days because the homeless shelter couldn't take them that day and they couldn't go back into their room. There are no oven or stoves in the room. Just a microwave and mini fridge for 2 people t share.

Very small mini fridge. If you need a stove or oven you need to use it before the lobby closes. A lot of roach, rat, bedbug, and raccoon problems. The academic adviser for fashion hasn't emailed me back about scheduling and class issues.

I emailed her on several occasions throughout my stay here and not once has she called or emailed me back... I had to go to the dean and get help with my class issues. So for the price and debt this school is pumping in and out of my wallet, it is so not worth it.

They recently fired a ton of teachers to cut budget issues. They got rid of the on site print center and got rid of the broadcasting rooms and major.


Wow..... I've noticed only Art Institute of Charlotte is not listed.

Ai Charlotte helps it's students and every student gets a job when they leave from there. It's different than the other Ai companies.

I feel so bad for those of u who had a bad experience. Housing sucks but the education is excellent :)

miss Uneek
Old Bridge Township, New Jersey, United States #596027

sorry to hear that i too was scammed from the art institue of lies i was kicked out of the school for tell an empoyee to do there *** job when i wouldnt sign a waiver not to say anything further about the school i was kick out no other college will touch ai credits so now i have to start all over as a freshman when i was a senior and my cre3dits meaan nothing plus im still on the hook for 60k


Shaun Tsunami I went to that school as well. such a waste of time and a useless degree, I also had classes with instructors.

I couldnt believe my instructor was my actual classmate. unbelievable. The instructors I had didnt even teach, I can only think of one instructor who made an impact on my learning experience, and that was in my final quarter, they gave me and advanced after effects class and a beginners class in the same quarter. The only reason I stayed at the school is because they lied about the accreditation, promised job placement, and said I would be able to pursue a masters when i was done.

I have not received not one job opportunity based on my education there, my credits dont transfer, and The degree has not opened any doors for me at all. now im 90,000 in student loan debt, they cant even verify the exact figures of the loans I was charged for, and my credit was ruined.


The Art Insitute in Las Vegas had be get student loans and I used up all of my Vet benefits and had one term to graduate and they would not let me enroll to finnish. I had no money and ended up working at Home Depot.

I owe $90,000 that I will have to pay back no job. The instructors of some of my classes where my class mates.

It seems like all of the teachers are friends and family members. One teacher teaches video productions and I had to teach her how to use the equipment.

to Shaun Tsunami #989312

shaun have you joined the "art institutes suck" group on Facebook?


It's not just The Art Institutes!

Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California is much worse, with higher costs that put students in debt for $200,000+ after graduating. And of course there's no guarantee that you'll land a job that relates with anything you went to school for. I know, because unfortunately I went there and have since defaulted.

Stop ripping on The Art Institutes - they are way less expensive, and they have several student success stories. Just like any other money sucking college.

You can't tell me that 'non-profit' colleges are any better than 'for profit' colleges, all of them put people in tremendous student loan debt upon graduating. It's the American way!

to Anon Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #676055

So wait, we're supposed to accept your sob story but stop "ripping" at Art Institutes blatant scamming? Their success stories are mostly exaggerated bs, and they're far and few in between.

They're great at advertising but overall the place is just as bad as people are saying, I would know because I went to the Pittsburgh Ai and it was an awful experience. Waste of money, conflicting information between advisers, hybrid classes, instructors clueless as to how certain software works, Youtube videos as a course, the list goes on and on.

Yes, many colleges to demand high costs, and that system needs reform, but the Ai industry is by far one of the worst colleges since they pump faux degrees like it's nobodies business. Their classes, teachers and quality of education is all terrible.

to Anon Bellevue, Washington, United States #1284717

Lmao how *** are you? The reason why for profit schools don't work is because just for that reason - they're purely for P R O F I T.

Not students, which results in unethical conduct at the expense of thousands of optimistic undergraduates.

You sit here and compare schools as if having one worse than Ai makes Air better. Your argument is shallow and riddled with fallacies


Looking for people that were discriminated, cheated and taken advantage of by the art institute in las vegas. Looking to take action against them.


:grin ahhahahahahhaha


One more thing culinary is expensive wherever the *** you go whether its le cordon bleu the cia or art institute or with gordon ramsay it gonna be expensive...........


you guys are *** ***.

I bet you haunt even went to the art institute

all of you guys are brats

i go there my self and the education in awesome and you do learn.

*** there not going to *** charge you like if you are at a *** community college.

culinary or any other degree there is expensive and if your gonna go there u need loans unless your rich *** MORONSSSSSSSSS

to Michael Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #676128

You can't even spell their* in its proper context. Shut the *** up.


Ex-student enrolled @ The Art Institute of Las Vegas.

In 2005 the vacant building known as the "Art Institute Campus" back when the Media Arts & Animation degree program was in it's "experimental stages." A financial aid office more hungry, malicious, chaotic and worse than the Enron Corporation! The following school year the empty halls were filled with designer furniture, plasma tvs and public computers. The student lounge filled with couches, video-game systems (more) plasma tvs and a gourmet cafeteria booth, while the Library reference shelf diminished to nothing. The copies of course textbooks disappeared while coincidently the Student Store expanded. I wondered how the Art Institute of Las Vegas had the funding for this, until I noticed the $20,000 tuition increase for *new* students.

The Art Institute Las Vegas is the only "college" I know of where the *certified instructor/teacher* that taught my morning 'Intro to Audio' class was sitting next to me in my afternoon class as a Freshman Audio Program student. The Art Institute Las Vegas "gifts" the new students with expensive ipods and secretly tacks the bill to their tuition, when I didn't want it in the first place! The instructors pressured students to 'save' their projects on it and eventually I did, just in time to have my dorm-mate drop out and take my ipod with her. Not only did I FAIL my finals that quarter but the Art Institute Las Vegas couldn't produce any purchase records of the ipod so I could file a police report.

Student housing was $2,500 a QUARTER (that's 3 months) and I shared a 700 square ft, 2bedroom apartment with FIVE other people. The "Resident Assistants" or what I like to call the Nazi Ai Faculty would conduct room inspections in our absence and rummage through our private property!

After three-years at the Art Institute of Las Vegas I'm $100,000.000+ in debt with Sallie Mae PLUS INTEREST with a few "credits" shy of a Diploma-Mill. Although I was aware of the *** going on at the Art Institute Las Vegas I was ONE QUARTER shy of graduation. I figured I would finish...at least a FAKE degree would get me a "retail-management" position (since I wasted all the money).

Before my final quarter registration I came into a disagreement with a faculty member, who happen to be the RA. He claimed "drugs" were found in my "corner" of the dorm and wouldn'tcha know it the following day my financial aid FELL THROUGH! I had 0 funding for my final quarter on top of that apparently I owed the Art Institute Las Vegas $10,000 for "back tuition" from LAST YEAR. The Art Institute of Las Vegas gave me 24-HOURS to vacate the campus and dorms. The admissions office threatened to turn me into collections for the remaining balance but I have yet to receive any notice or complaint on my credit report. Before I got too excited about their bluff I had a panic attack when I saw T-W-E-N-T-Y-T-W-O Private Sallie Mae student loans that the Art Institute Las Vegas applied for on my behalf.

If there's not a lawsuit in my story then I don't know what would be!!!

to hearrtsodarrk Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #676140

The RA's did the same thing to me, claiming they found "*** dust" in a small "nic bag", which wasn't even a nickel bag, it was a regular plastic bag. Granted, I had alcohol on me, but I was 23 at the time and the RA who "busted" me for "smelling *** in the hallway" (I didn't even smoke that day, obviously someone else did but for whatever reason I got blamed) said I was irresponsible to even own it.

Really? You're 17 years old and you're trying to *** lecture me on drinking? He proceeded to talk down on me and said I lacked morals for bringing alcohol around my roommate, claiming me a bad influence. My roommate was never even home, and when we was, he was always drunk from the bars.

My other friend, who was 25 at the time, started laughing at the kid for his arrogance. He was kicked out the very next day. No respect, and pretentious as all ***. He and the other two RA's tore through all my personal belongings without my consent and said I was lucky they didn't call the cops (for the vodka I had, I know, huge crime when I pay $2000 a *** month for rent).

***, I suppose so, since these little neo-fascists probably idolize the police. Keep in mind, this was during finals and I had class at 10am in the morning while all this occurred around 3am. They said I had to meet the head RA around 8am before class or they'd pin me with a fee of some sort. I said fine, 6am came along, I heard the door slamming as an RA demanded I go see the head RA immediately.

I didn't ask questions as I was confused, undressed and nervous, so I went. The head RA wasn't even at the *** office yet, so I sat there and fell asleep for half an hour. The head RA came in, asked who I was, and felt the need to lecture me on how rude it was to fall asleep in the office despite the fact he was late. I guess he took pity on me when we spoke because he said he was going to kick me out and give me 24 hours to do so, but when I explained the other RA's and their behavior (being complete douchebags) he said I'd only have to move rooms, but I had to do it asap.

So here I am, rushing to get my *** upstairs four floors in some *** little 2 bedroom dorm with FIVE people already living there while the RA's snirked at me, refusing to help, claiming they were busy aka standing around doing nothing. Class was about to come up and I still had a decent amount of *** to take upstairs, but couldn't finish before class, they said they would throw out anything left over.. Being that I didn't want my personal property thrown out, I had to email my instructor and explain the situation, claiming I couldn't make it. The instructor didn't give a *** and failed me for the quarter, go figure.

So, not only did I fail one of my classes because of the RA's (I was an A student in that class too), but I was given a fine and forced to live with 5 smelly, nocturnal anime nerds that would constantly complain about the most minor of ***. They obviously didn't want me there, and I didn't blame them, but they sure as *** weren't helping me feel welcome with their blatant lack of hygiene and snarky comments. I couldn't for the life of me do anything I wanted, I couldn't even sleep as they were up all night 90% of the time. I worked late occasionally and would come home at 4am in the morning on weekends, and would get bitched at over it.

Couldn't bring friends or even a girl over, couldn't play guitar to calm down and pass time, couldn't even smoke a *** cigarette. Enough was enough, I moved out once the quarter ended. I moved to some *** one bedroom apartment 30 minutes away from my school, but you know what? It didn't matter.

I was fine with it, and even felt a sense of pride having my own place. At least I could do whatever I wanted without a group of virgins getting pissed at my every move, or RA's breathing down my neck threatening fines, invading my personal space or forcing me to fail my classes otherwise watch my stuff get thrown out. That was just one awful experience of many.

Their housing situation is completely *** up and should be illegal. I sympathize with your situation.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #191696

"I Tanika Whitfield am a former student of Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and I am in a rage of how I was done at this place"

Well Tanika you seem to have a lot of rage. Get help before you seriusly hurt someone and or end up in jail for your temper.

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