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I would like anyone who has had a bad experience to tell me about it you can reach me at

I went to the school and it was the worst experience of my life and I servived foster care and beinga homeless teen dont go to this school or you will regret it! regret it! regret it! If you are a former student and want justice lets band together and take back out=r education!

If you do nothing or pay you tution you are saying you agree with what they are doing and I am not ok with what they did to me!

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I attended AI Minnesota. I was told the job placement was very high, 90+%.

I did get one 'job' that the counselors at AI passed on to me. It was an internship that paid very little & lasted about 1 month, after that I got nothing passed to me to pursue besides underpaid jobs that weren't even worth my time or didn't apply to my major. I also went to Germany through AI, the photographer I was placed with to do my internship was a pot smoking old man who did a lot of distasteful nude photography. All I did for him was edit scratched film scanned into the computer.

It was a bunch of ***. I learned nothing but how to roll a joint, and I don't even smoke.


I agree with you and there used to be an attorney online, I've since lost his info though. I don't even know if he was real or not to start with.

Santa Maria, California, United States #842403

My daughter was attending Art Institute and had difficulties similar to what I have seen posted here...changing payments, high fees, loans, etc. If a suit was to be filed, we would be interested.

Valparaiso, Indiana, United States #667262

My husband went here, part time, for abut a year. I had a lot of concerns about him enrolling, as I had heard nothing but negative comments about AI, but I wanted to be supportive.

I even went to visit him once and thought that the school looked very professional and nice. He learned almost nothing. He has to repay a ridiculously huge loan for the tiny amount of time he spent there. I have known several people who have attempted to go to this school and all of them ended up deciding to cut their losses before actually graduating.

They target low-income people, like my husband and I, and play off of our desire to have a better life someday. It is truly, truly unethical.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #656713

I graduated from the Art Institute over three years ago in their culinary program. Where do I work now?

A liquor store. In their mission statement it is said that 99.9% of students get jobs immediately when they graduate, but student services did not do a thing to help me find a job. They told me to search for jobs on Craigslist.......seriously? The moment I got a single job interview (which was for a god awful bakery that I walked out of) they dropped me like a rock.

I never heard from them again.

In the past years I searched for some of my other classmates. One works at Home Depot. Another, a grocery store.

The Art Institute is run by liars and frauds.

I wonder, their professors are high quality, award winning chefs. How much are they getting paid to keep their mouths shut?


I accidently hit ***, I'm sorry. I have never been to this site, and I thought it meant you could post useful, funny, or *** replys.

I just had a 'duh' moment there, I actually found this useful. :upset


I'm currently going to AI and am about to graduate. This is my last month and I've visited financial aid more then ever (and theyve come to my class alot).

anyways they keep raising my payments this last month out of nowhere. i started paying only sixty a month and now it went form 450 to over a thousand and now all of a sudden over two thousand. I cant pay that!i cant wait to get out of here. Do.

Not. Go. To.

The. Art Institute!


I am also currently enrolled at AI and am beginning to figure out how terrible of an Institute it is. They are charging me 60k+ for an education I could have gotten from watching the Adobe Suite tutorials. Such a scam now I feel like an ***.

-Adam M

to Adam Manning Palmerton, Pennsylvania, United States #627404

YES! that is JUST what I have been trying to say!

And each quarter was the same thing over and over again. Tried to stop and was told that I would STILL owe the full amount. basically stuck with it.. and that was online!

Just kept hoping that they would actually teach something new and useful. Why is Sallie Mae funding online courses anyway??

and for so much money! I can see if you can't leave the house for medical reasons, but this has gone on to far.


I graduated in Dec 2012. We should make a stand against the art institute.

I cannot get a good job, I have huge oans coming up. I want to teach and cannot get inot ANY grad program because the ar t institutes international is NOT ACCREDITED WITH THE HIGHER LEARNING COMMISSION. I've wasted 3 years of my life with that fraus of a school, who prey of students for their money! i am embarrased to say that I went to that school, it is frowned upon by many, because it is not accredited.

I have all these moneys to pay back and can't get a good job, and cannot get into a grad program!! Where do I go, what do I do.

Time isn't waiting on any one, bills/loans to pay, child to take care of and no money. I should not have to pay those loans for a dead end diploma.

So what now do I go back and get a 2nd BD from an accredited school (have more loans), then.....continure to grad school??!!(loans on top of loans!!!) WOW I'll be in debt until when??!!

to from Minnesota Palmerton, Pennsylvania, United States #627405

I didn't know that they were not accredited.. Why is Sallie Mae funding it then at all????!!!!


the art institute screwed me over and now there trying to make me pay back over 30 grand of loans i never signed for, if you had something similar happen let me know! we need to take a stand!

Hull, Massachusetts, United States #230205

I worked there and found it to be a real mess. Glad you are moving on.



TFTbone, on 10-06-2010 14:52

how many people are going to open their mouths, with out knowing the facts. So once again here is 2 years of research.

Any private paid or (TRADE SCHOOLS) , can get a Accredation from a lower standard G.A.A.P. acceped grantor.

ACICS is a lower standard accredation that is recognized, by the C.H.E.A. However, they are considerd ((National Accredited)) and (LOWER STANDARD)

And most standard Colleges and universities will not accept the majority of these lower credits. These credits, (about 70% not excepted) un like Regonaly Accredited Colleges, that are noted in the educational the feild, as (HIGHER STANDARD CREDITS) or (STANDARD CREDITS)

Argo, meaning that the degree from the Art Institutes, are without legal argument, lower standard credits, and non- transferable to the majority of higher colleges or universities. (THUS, MEANING THAT YOU PAY THOSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR NOTHING!)

Google CHEA rules to see rules.

want more? go to the www . sueainow . com site and read the truth about The Art Institutes.


I am currently going to the AI Inland Empire, and i have to say I hate it. It was once run by competent people, then they had our president, who was very good by the way, transfer to a different campus (literally because he did so well).

Now its run by completely incompetent morons, who want nothing more than to nickle and dime the students at every opportunity. Student affairs is run by a childish ***, the academic advisors have stopped caring about the students, financial aid has but one competent worker, and out new Dean wants nothing more than to maximize profits like our new Pres. I have almost no complaints with the faculty, but the staff is terrible. Oh, and all that money I've paid is being spent on the moronic staff's catered lunch every day, while us students get old fruit.

They're taking my money and spending it on ***, DON'T GO TO AI INLAND EMPIRE CA! TRUST ME.


I dont understand the level of bitterness towards the schools. They are fully accredited, meaning they are not a fraud.

The vast majority of GRADUATING students have a good job within 6 months. I am however going into the culinary program rather than programing or game design.

It is my understanding that, yes the school is expensive, but it is far from a "fraud" there are many bitter students who could not graduate or lacked the work ethic to graduate. I'm not here to step on any toes, but the fact that these numbers came from independent surveys make it hard to believe that these schools are frauds.

to TFTbone Palmerton, Pennsylvania, United States #625075

Yes they are a fraud. They lie to get people into their school and into great debt. Sallie Mae shouldn't even be funding these online courses.


To: Very Intrigued

I started in the AI of Santa Monica then transferred to AI in Arlington, VA because I had to.Truth is that they do hire good professors, but also have the sucky ones! The real problem is their system and way of going around suckering people into this b*ll sh*t school is really the problem. I dont know about the other departments like culinary, but as far as graphic design and game art it's just messed up. The housing let's not even mention! TERRIBLE! I am currently stuck in school becauswe I need to graduate, almost there but I'm not too happy with the piece of paper I will have in my hands - FRAUD


To: Very Intrigued, on 26-04-2010 00:54

It is not just me with a problem, their are thousands of students that have had bad or even criminal experiences with E.D.M.C. ran schools across the US. Nation some have sued to get their life's back in order.

I understand you need to go college. but before you do, come to the www . sueainow . com website and read the important information there. I have invested $10,000+ dollars of my own money over 2 years to give people this web site to report Art Institute Fraud.

It will help you to understand your goals a little better, so you can think about what to do next go to the do your homework button and read everything.

My personal suggestion, DON'T GO TO THAT SCHOOL ITS BAD NEWS!

have more questions, contact us.

to Zeus Palmerton, Pennsylvania, United States #625078

Well Zeus, to you have any ideas?? please let me know.. lynda at ptd net

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