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This is what we need to do.The Art Institute of Pittsburgh is on the Department of Education's watch list.

Now this means that there is enough complaints out there, and review of their documentation to warrant suspicion. The only way the many of us that got screwed due to documentation that was falsified to the Department of Education, and substandard education is to unify as one. We all need to work together and get our names and contact information with one source. Once we have this we will know the numbers and then we can present to a class action lawyer.

We all have grounds to be thoroughly disgusted. We do not stand a chance unless we unite and find a lawyer willing to go the extra mile. To press the issue keep in mind that The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online is on the Department of Education watch list so there is some information and statistics that put them here.

We all need to work together, gather names, and refuse to give up.This school is a fraud!

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I actually have a class action lawyer that is interested in this. Very interested in this as a matter of fact. He said I need to gather names, email addresses and full letters detailing exactly what transpired.

I wrote him because I was told when I started that coming in with credits for an Associates in Fine Art, that most of my classes would transfer in, and it would only cost me around 50,000. Then when I questioned 50,000 I was told that it would not be an issue because they had an excellent Financial Aid Division, they had scholarships, and the whole thing would be covered. Then they said they had job placement. Did you guys talk to Mark Wilhelm and Orland Pullen and did they give you the same line?

Well four months ago I got a call from Eric Medsger in the Financial Aid office saying that I had no more funds left with FAFSA to pay for school. When I questioned this because of what was said at admission I was told at this point not to worry they had help for students like me. I am an honor student and a good artist. Well September came and I got a bill for tuition. I called Eric back. I asked about the tuition assistance and was told that they had stopped the program the month before. I said well why did you tell me you had one then? I paint with a group of painters and was telling them about it. They got with people they know who were willing to donate some money to help, but they wanted The Art Institute of Pittsburgh to make good on their promise in writing before they would pay anything. I called Eric back and he said the only way that the AI could do that was if I proved I could not get a personal loan, and that I had applied for scholarships. Well that wasn't hard to do because my husband and I live on his Social Security. That is why I went back to school to become the breadwinner because my husband went blind. So when the bank looked at the student loans that AI has sucked out of FAFSA and our income they said no way. Got the denial. Went to the internet and downloaded all the scholarships I had applied for. I sent this to them on September 19th 2012. The next week I got an email for tuition from AI, On 9/22, I called Eric again and asked what was going on with the information and letter I wrote and he said they were working on it. I called again on 9/27 because I got a bill in the mail. I was told they were working on it. I resent the information again just to make sure they had it. On October 12, 2012 I sent Eric an email

asking where they were on it because the people that wanted to help were getting to the point they said they felt the school was being dishonest with me and were seriously urging me to go to a lawyer. I called again on October 18th, October 25th, and November the 1st with no response. Finally on November 6 I got to speak with Eric and he said he had given it to his supervisor because he could not make a decision like that. He said she had been out due to surgery but was in today going through the stuff on desk. He would go tell her my file needed pulled. Well I waited and waited, and waited. The week after Thanksgiving I called and couldn't get an answer so I had to leave a message. No response yet again. Then on Monday of this week December 10, 2012 I called Mrs. Eglar-blisky because clearly the financial aid office was avoiding the calls. I asked for the number for the college president, George W. Sebolt. She said you know I can't do that. You have to follow a chain of command. I was upset and said I have tried that route for three months and it isn't working. She said she would walk over there and talk to the financial aid manager personally. Guess what? No phone call, I have sat home all week and there has been no phone call. They know I have the money if they agree to honor their word, but they have no intention of following their word. What is worse is when I asked Eric what would happen if I could not get the aid when this first came up I was told I would be dropped, and responsible for paying back student loans in six months. These people are liars and criminals. So if you got the same or worse please email me at anrtst@excite.com and tell your story, who you talked to when you signed on, what you were told, and an email address so the lawyer willing to take this case can get back to you.

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Monetary Loss: $52000.

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I feel like I am going to be in the same situation soon.And yes, my financial counselor is the same guy.

I am already freaking out about my situation.Please e-mail me at williamsmaite@yahoo.com and I'll tell you my story.


If you are still doing a class action lawsuit, add me to the roster. email is rha1224@yahoo.com. I will tell you my story once you email me.


Still hoping to get enough people.Please email your names, numbers, what was said at the time of enrolling, and what you found researching the Department of Ed website.

There information is false because AIO's information supplied is false. You think you are going to a good school just to find out in the end it was all for nothing. Terrible injustice to those who do work hard and give it their all. Tell your experience to the world, stop the scam, and unite to make the Department of Education act.

Also write a letter to our President detailing your disgust and how he is putting other students in harms way by backing this college owned in part by Goldman Sachs.

We need a lot more people to come forward with their story to get something done.It is one time in our lives we need to stand by each other and reach out on social networks.

to Ruined4Life Staten Island, New York, United States #888822

email me dirtybananastudios85@gmail.com add me to the list i can help you out with hard evidence i have audio and video of the conversations they dont want you to hear or record.


The lawyer I have literally dropped the ball after three months because I could not find enough people.If any of you guys out there have a friend or connection to anyone with a degree in law willing to take on this case contact me.

Also contact others who have posted to this post. To the woman wondering how they can still get these girls in school, they will get them in online. What these kids and others do not realize is the scant amount of web training is the total failure of this school to provide real world skill for those going into graphic design. Every job list web design, so the field has merged to meet the demands of clients.

With only 14 weeks of scant training that is not paired with the book supplied there are real problems. They tell students to get Adobe CC, the book is based on CS5 one time and 5.5 the next, and the same situation arises again where the tutorials cannot be completed due to dropped features within the software. It was a total joke and a rip off. The real thing that got my attention was instructors raving over student work that had multiple errors with spelling and such.

I had to wonder if it was a real instructor, or the instructor just didn't care. It really got my attention. I came to realize it just doesn't matter because they don't really care if your up to par. The only thing they care about is scamming the government department of education, and any person with a dream.

It is disgusting.


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Staten Island, New York, United States #888782

if you guys want the vide and the exact https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zB-DJGBnhII, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnCykDPPDys, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WahiW-xBRi4 are the videos to view. if the lawyer needs the actual audio of every conversation i had with these clowns ill be more than glad to give it to him/her. dirtybananastudios85@gmail.com

Staten Island, New York, United States #888777

look on youtube for Ai infomercial and on a channel with Ai scam two shitheads along that name, i have composed and have video and audio of Ai violating civil rights and how they weasel out of things, caught them red handed they expelled me a US Combat Vet for being a whistleblower.i have everything and I'm sure this is what the lawyers need to bring them down.

The sick part is they expelled me but never told the VA about it so they got 8k for a semester I'm not there.

Don't worry ill get that money back and will see to it that no one attends that school ever again in NYC.give it about 12 -18months from nw and they'll be shut down Im sending dating evidence to all news crews here in NYC trust me they will regret doing what they did to anyone ever, Esp Veterans.

Michigan, United States #888635

I hope that there are still people out there that are interested in this thread.My daughter and her best friend were getting ready to begin classes the first of the year.

I heard many of the same promises that the school had 'options for people like us' as I am on disability and am unable to get a personal or Parent Plus Loan.

My question though is this. On April 1st of this year (2014), AI Pittsburgh was sold and entered into a 3 year lease with the new owner. It stated in the news article that I read that it wasn't up to the school if they renewed the lease at the end of the 3 years but up to the developer and that the developer was looking into options such as turning it into condos.

How are they still signing these kids up for 4 year degrees when the school may not even be there in 4 years?

And I also heard that their students don't receive their degree until the school has been paid off in full making it virtually impossible for the students to get very far in their careers.

If there is someone that can answer my questions, I would greatly appreciate it.I'm completely appalled!


I also attended the AI of Pittsburgh. I was wondering if you still have a pending case and if it is possible for me to join the class action lawsuit. My name is Jordan please contact me by my email which is zhrrocks50@yahoo.com.

Brunswick, Ohio, United States #742631

Interested in one too

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