Trained to get into the mind of individuals and extract their hopes and dreams, the Assistant Director of Admissions position at The Art Institutes is the position of a *** and cheat. Many describe the position as numbers driven; it is a big sales ***. The training involved in becoming a *** begins with becoming friends with the potential student and parent. We are trained to develop a working relationship with the potential student, we are told to get to know them. When possible, we venture as far back as child hood. We use this information against the student when they attempt to back out of applying ("I thought you said you wanted to become a chef or how do you plan to achieve your goal without a degree"). For the most part, very few students or parents recognize the *** game. I do not recall any student that was not accepted into the school, even those with 0.9 GPA. A transitional course here and there but for the most part they were accepted. The student and parent were happy to be accepted into any school and they never realized or recognized the price of the school (***). I often compare the price of tuition at The Art Institutes to a person with bad credit, you get the product but you pay triple the price (i.e. bad grades). However the graduation rate is questionable at best. The cost of tuition at The Art Institute of Washington is on or about $472.00 per credit hour. That is just tuition! http://www.artinstitutes.edu/arlington/Admissions/TuitionAndFees.aspx . This school has a low graduation rate and many of the students come from low-social economic backgrounds check out statistics at www.collegeboard.com .


Parents and students, please take the time to research any potential school. Although students may want to attend please consider everything (cost, tuition, and environment). Just because a student graduates with a low GPA does not necessary mean you have to accept a high cost, debt consuming education and I agree with the post here….stay away from this one!

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Serious question.

Does what everyone is saying about Art Institute really impact how employers look at you for having a degree there if you are actually good at what you do and were good at what you did prior to attending if you also have job experience doing it prior and were actually working in your field for more years than you've attended Art Institutes?

Do they just see the name and assume you're incompetent? Is it that bad?

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #765833

Art Institute of Washington aka The "ARTIFICIAL INSTITUTE" is the worst art school ever!! They will *** over in the final portfolio reviews and for any class you take regardless of how good your work is.

They knew I passed the final review but they failed me at the last minute at least 3 times. I was very close to graduation with only 1 class away. The teachers there were awful. One in particular is a complete joke and ***.

The chairperson there is so oblivious acting like he can help you when actually the truth is he is never around at all. The environment there is so bad. All they care about is the money.

My advice for people interested in the art schools, AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

Don't believe the hype and those commercials you see on TV. This is how they try to get you.

Lenexa, Kansas, United States #629628
I attended the art institute of kansas city. I joined straight out of high school not really knowing what to expect out of college.

right off the bat, as a graphic designer you were forced to buy a $1000 kit that included 'all the items you would need for year 1' WHAT A LIE. Not only did this kit not make it through the first year, but it didnt even have all the supplies i needed for first term! And the stuff that was in it amounted to a bunch of stuff I could have got at hobby lobby for a fraction of the price. Financial aid was SUCH a mess.

u got the run around constantly. I experienced the 'holds' situation several times. and many of the instructors would ask STUDENTS for advice on how to work certain programs and things. many teachers taught nothing.

and on top of that, after 3 years of going there, i racked up $60,000 worth of debt in student loans.

this school has ruined my life. :cry
Palmerton, Pennsylvania, United States #627401

Tucked up isn't the word for it. Our education system lies to you and anyone that they can to just make money for themselves.

I have no respect for teachers anymore, sad but true. I think I have maybe met ONE that really put fourth effort to teach and not just pass ya to receive their own paycheck. I have paid for some classes, left early because of the lousy teacher/facilitator and they still sent me a diploma! Teachers were fired and they still gave out diplomas, knowing darn well that we didn't get taught.

That's a full class room of people! Guess I am supposed to be happy about getting the diploma, but it just proves what a joke it all is.


I worked at the AI of Washington in the Financial aid dept. In the two years I worked there I have seen some of the most unlawful, unethicical, and down right disgusting coroporate practies EVER. It is true, if your family lives pay check to pay check, AI is coming for you! Oh you have a 0.9 GPA, sure we will accept you (you and and your $$). Yep thats right you can start class after the add/drop a class period...youf teacher will understand (NOT!! They already assigned two assignments and a pop quiz is tomorrow)

Some folks complain about the financial aid office there being lazy, unorganized, or uneducated...as a former team member, I disagree! We were probably the only department that cared about the students. Offered as many options as possible. At the beginning of all our careers there we all went above and beyond for our students some that are still there still do. The problem is management. Not the immediate supervisors, they do whatever master says, I'm talking about head office/corporate. They force us to build out these ridiculous financial aid plans filled with estimated info and expect people that can't afford the application fee to agree to a payment plan that has them paying up to 42 months beyond graduation ( if they make it that far). You have folks calling families three times a day (harassment), just to complete a "will file" FAFSA that's gonna get flagged for verification by the Dept. Of ED. (By the way, you can still sit in class, with an open verification which prevents your govt loans AND grants from paying, and God forbid your taxes haven't been filed or you have to wait forever and a day to get your tax transcript, that means that after you see how much of a joke your classes might be and all you wanna do is withdraw you've just racked up a $2000+ bill, all because you sat down in one freaking class. And don't get me started on the poor parents caught up in this mess. The Financial Aid office isn't lazy, they are just FED up, tired, overworked and too broke to do anything about it. And honestly, thats the entir school staff and teachers. Think I'm lying, a teacher/staff employee survey went out a while back and one of the question rated retention, about 80% of the employees said they wantedto quit within 6 months of employment there, what does that say??

What they hide from the students is that staff and teachers walk off the job across the ENTIRE Ai group everyday, people are asked to travel to other schools and help out because no one is there. BUT you wonder what department stays fully staffed? ADMISSIONS. YES its that bad.

Don't get me wrong the idea of the programs these schools offer are great and needed as an alternative to your traditional institutions but NOT at this risk. PLEASE research about everything: accreditation, job placement, transfer credits (to and from AI), cost AND fees (the hidden ones too), graduation rates, etc. Education istruly an investment don't waste it worrying about the wrong things after you already given your signature of commitment to the misery.

to Art institutes...a joke! Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #765848

I'm glad I left this awful place several months ago. I attended AI of Washington for about 3 years.

And you are absolutely correct. This place is downright awful. They only care about the money nothing else. It's very sad I was very close to graduation so close to leaving and they find a way to fail you at the last minute preventing you from graduation.

Only one class away when I was doing final reviews for the third time. The teachers there were terrible. At least one of them is probably the best. The rest of them suck.

One teacher in particular is a complete joke. The chairperson there is so oblivious acting like he can help but he's never really around when you need him whether by phone, email, or in person. It's really unfortunate that an art school like this would lie so much and say their school is great when they clearly aren't.

My advice for people interested in an art school: AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

Don't believe the hype and those commercials you see on TV. This is how they get you.


ainyc student:

Are you retarded? I'm sorry, but legit Art schools enjoy having a good laugh at the art students in AI.

Do you know why? Because in the long run, we're going to end up with a good art job, and you guys won't. Your teachers don't teach anything. Sorry, but I'm attending a small private art school and they have a much bigger reputation in the art world than AI does.

A much bigger reputation than AI, and they don't even need to advertise themselves on TV to be noticed. What art school doesn't ask for a portfolio? What art school accepts everyone, no matter their skill in art then leaves them hanging? Yeah, that's right.

AI. Real art schools may be expensive, but they produce real results. So, which one do you want to choose?

A school that's cheap, but scams their students out of their money, or an art school that's expensive, but produces amazing results in the end? Exactly, I thought so.

to GA #880083

But you didn't say the name of the school you go to, so did you just comment on here to read other people's testimonials and be a pompous ***? How are you helping them?

Obviously they didn't know anything if they accept people off the bat so who cares if you and your school laughs at it. You're not being helpful on any level.

And you probably are NOT a legit artist because not too many legit artists I've seen come off like that.


I attend AI-online and in the beginning all of you are correct. they are real nice and say they are going to help you through out any problems you may have.

they are liars. I have been attending for just over 5 months and I have not been able to reach any of the employees there for over two months. I have emailed and called millions of times, no one answers, calls back or emails me back. I have noticed they have changed my finance and academic counselor 3 times since I been attending.

The teachers so far I have got, are okay? I was told to max out my loans to get the best refund for the photography course. I have been told $46,000 is a lot for a photography degree, but as I am now reading all the reviews. I feel like I am in deep trouble.

What numbers or who can I call to get some *** service in this school? I call school and tell them my problem and they forward me to my "so called academic counselor" and that's it. I cant quit because, I would be out a lot of money- but even if I stay I am out a lot of money. I wish I would have researched on this *** school more than I did.

Can anyone help me? Or an I totally f**ked?

to Sara #880140

Just graduate. You already stepped in it, so you may as well learn what you can and get out as fast as you can.

There are some very talented teachers there but its the overall reputation of the school that is bad. And that's not the teachers faults. *** rolls downhill. The corporate dept.

is the problem, not the staff working for them. And if you want to get results you have to GO to the faculty that you're looking to talk to in person, not via email and phone calls. Phone calls and emails will get nothing done because that staff is already being misused and overworked, so any way they can avoid handling something, they will. Plus that email system is garbage and alot of them do not check their email often because its a big process just to send and receive an email.

Plus its a big process just to link your school email to your mobile device. And if you go there, you already know what I'm talking about as far as that email system, so imagine that being YOUR job email and how hard it would be to do business like that if you can't even check your emails effectively.

And an email or voicemail isn't the same as going there in person because in person theyre going to help you if you're not being an *** about it....But an email or voice message can easily be avoided and nobody will know. But its not against YOU, the student, its basically an act against the higher-ups because they're not being utilized in the right way.

The same way how students are complaining that its not the school they thought it was, they probably feel the same way in that its not the job they thought it would be or didn't have to deal with the *** they're dealing with. If you're cool with the faculty, they'll help.

If you blame the limitations of the corporate office that affect THEM on them personally, then they won't be in a hurry to do anything for you. And you personally might would act the same way in their shoes after a while.


I worked for the Art Institute of Salt Lake City for 6 months. In the 6 months, out of 15 admissions reps-4 fired and two quit. Let the numbers speak...


most people who complain about the art institute are just undisciplined art students who decided to go to college just to find a girl/boyfriend or meet new friends. what's the point of attending college if you are going to drop-out one year into it.

stick it out and stop complaining about how much housing cost. you got so caught up in the stereotypical dorm college experience that you thought there would be parties and alcohol and good looking people. you should have done more research before you enrolled. i am currently a student and yes i agree it's not the ideal college for me and expensive but i am not going to moan and complain about the costs.

i am going to work hard at my portfolio and try to soak up as much knowledge from the professors instead of being social and "networking"(kissing up). so if you are weak-minded and can't handle the pressures of a fast-paced learning environment, then don't attend AI or any college at that.

to ainyc student #617483

Kid, I worked at an AI for a year, and I can tell you for a fact that every single complaint on this website, from students and other former employees alike, is completely legitimate. It's an overpriced scam of a school whose employees are forced to care about nothing but numbers, that also employs horrendously underhanded tactics to get students in the door.


AHAHAHA...Ashanmed18* you really want to go there?! It is so funny because I graduated in March from Ai of Houston with a GPA of 3.7...and also a member of the National Technical Honor Society.

So, got tell that bullsh!t to somebody else.

Also, we knew how much money was on the table before we signed up, but the fact that the school is a scam makes all that money and education worthless. Do your research....

to AM #880144

A Bachelors Degree is a Bachelors Degree. I went there just to secure a Bachelors but had been going thru life in a way that people were either already convinced I had one or didn't care because I had equivalent experience.

But you can only get so far that way and you can't base your life off of Freelance. Well you can KIND OF, but not everybody wants to do that all their life. At the same time, I used the GI Bill, so I don't know what to tell people that are paying their own money or took out a loan, because I personally wouldn't have went there had they not accepted the GI Bill. I would have went somewhere that's more recognized if I had to take out a loan.

At the end of the day, its about getting a DEGREE and you signed up because you wanted a degree. If you signed up for other reasons, then of course you're going to be disappointed because all you're supposed to see a school like that is a quick way to get a degree without having to take a bunch of miscellaneous classes when you already KNOW you want to be an artist. A "real" college would have you in those classes that you take in AI *** near 2.5 years from when you enrolled if you didn't transfer from another college. And you wouldn't be taking those types of classes, you would be having to write term papers and all types of other stuff that you would probably say you're not going to USE in the real world if you already want to be an artist.

But if you don't really know what you wanted to do in the first place and you enroll there, then they jerked you. But that's LIFE. You know how many situations out there are set up to gas you up into paying money for something that isn't what they're really selling? The Bachelors is still legit so it shouldn't matter.

And you can still get a Masters somewhere else or you can still SAY you have a Bachelors Degree if somebody has that as a job requirement.

If you're not looking to work for a company like that, then you may as well have just taken out a loan and started your own business.


FYI Mike "Santa Monica" I have a 4.0 GPA... The only reason I am sticking with Ai is because I am not a failure. At this point I have no other choice if I don't want to be in school for the rest of my life!

So no I'm sorry but your wrong on "people here either are failures that couldn't make it and they want everyday to be failures"

It's behind the scenes at Ai...

Let me guess your Mommy and Daddy pay your tuition???? Live it up kid...


I do not agree with MIKE attending Ai in "Santa Monica"... I attended that location for over a year. I wanted to get out my second quarter but I felt stuck having just moved there from Up State NY. I learned more from the other students than I did from the teachers. In my Advanced Photoshop class my so called teacher didn't even know how to use a mac and of course we were in a mac lab. She didn't even know how to use Photoshop, so we learned how to create an apple in Illustrator from a tutorial she downloaded from the internet.

Yes students know it's going to be expensive but then we realize were not getting our moneys worth.

Ai popped up out of nowhere and randomly became popular. Probably from all the extra money they received from the students in their secret scam. I am unfortunately still a student to obtain my bachelors degree only because I waited to long to get out, and credits pretty much will not transfer to an other school.

I have almost a yr left and I am already close to if not already at 100thousand in school loans... Don't even get me started on the Financial Aide department...


Former AI EDMC employees, please come forward and DO NOT FEAR them.

Everything you say you should submit to Senate and to Congress. Get it on the record.

That way AI can't strike back at you for whistleblowing. Its illegal and they're misappropriating government funds.

I found this website after trying to find a way to write a stongly worded letter to AI itself.
I went down to the AI in Henderson NV to find out some more information on the Visual Effects/Motion Graphics program and I'm completely blown away how rude these people were.
You guys speak of silver tongued admissions reps you sweet talk you into signing but all I wound up with was a b*tch of a woman who insulted my personal character and spoke to me as if I were ignorant.
After such a "lovely" chat, and subsequently reading these posts I will NOT be attending AI now or ever. I'd rather go to an accredited college or university. Thanks for posting your stories, you saved me some cash! :eek

you guys *** knew it was gonna be expensive *** ignorants they don't hide prices there /.................

I go to this school at santa monica and its great good education good staff everything ........

anybody i recommend going here but its not gonna be *** free know that it is expensive bottom line but worth it

people here either are failures that couldn't make it and they want everyday to be failures like them the art institute is great and recognized like le cordon bleu and any other... of course some names are higher then other but that is in every school is like saying USC against a california state university dum ***

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