E.D.M.C.-A.K.A The Art Institute, Are Student Loan Predators!!!

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Hi everyone:

Just a note of caution,

Do Not Let this School, trick you in to thinking that they are an Institutional College or University, Just because they have the word Institute in there name; they are not! They are registered as a For Profit Trade School Corp. like ITT tech and all the other TV-Internet Mass Advertiser Predators.

They operate out of a very conservative 2.6 Billion Dollar Mega Money Machine Corporation, located in Pittsburg Pennsylvanian Called –for short Education Management Corporation E.D.M.C. Education Management Holdings LLC along with a Thrilling list of Privet Investors and Super Billionaires across the USA and abroad including, Providence Equity Partners and Goldman and Sacks.


Be sure to bring your paperwork to an attorney before signing any kind agreements in relation to your finances or enrollment with the Art Institute.

They will mislead you into using there lenders, when you have the right to seek your own personnel financing that can lead to necessary funding amounts for your educational plan.

I had a credit score of almost 700, and now due to the lack of professional services at the Art Institute, I cannot even buy a bike.

They destroyed my credit, ruined my College career and my job resume. I have been fighting this School for almost 2 years, and will eventually have to sue them to get my life, and education back in order.

Be very careful when dealing with this school, check everything, and keep all copies of your paperwork NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anybody else have any problems PLEASE CONTACT ME, you maybe entitled to justice, or compensation.

Due your Home Work THEY HAVE BEEN SUED MANY TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Case has gone to the Fed's and I hope our Government Stops these, Student Loan Farming Predators from operating in the USA

If you have any questions or would like to hear more you may contact me.


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Jul 17, 2011 #313758

I'm going to sue them too, they loan farmed me and scammed me so bad that I see no other way out of this mess. This scam school needs to be sued into bankruptcy and then forced to shut down forever.

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Jul 15, 2011 #313043

Hey Woolly, I'm not the one that is getting screwed, E.D.M.C. and the Art Institute is the ones that are grabbing their ankles on the White House lawn, not me.

I just supplied the lube.

In retrospect, if you're not going to the Art Institute, or any Art Institute affiliated schools, you should not be making a comment on this site or any site for that matter, regarding things that you know absolutely nothing about.

Furthermore, the statement you so loosely projected about not making any sense is completely outside the scope of what you claim is correct.

1. Why are you making a site claim, without anything to back up your statement? You said you haven't gone to the school yet? So what involvement did you have in making a statement about the protection of the inner workings of this school? That apparently you know nothing about. Kind of sounds contradictory to me.

2. You asked me about homework? That's one of the issues that going on right now in court. So if you're not a spy, then how come it seems that every time I mention anything about what’s going on, there is a counter with "legal context involved on any site or blog for that matter, always the realm of protecting schools interest.” A student would not know how to do that. A spy would.

3. For your information, I'm disabled legally under federal standards. “Which entitles me to request for them to explain what homework is
... Show more

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Jun 25, 2011 #304360

I'm the sheep but you're the one that got screwed? From where I'm sitting, I'm the smart one. Stop being an ***. I'm not a AI spy. I don't work for them. And I don't even go there. I was interested in going there so I researched it like any smart person would. All of the things you are complaining about make no sense. If you had been smart and done your homework, you might not be screwed right now.

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Jun 22, 2011 #302863

Another AI Spy!

Don't worry EDMC will be out of business vary soon, they cant last much longer under what we have started. (THE EYE IS UPON THEM)


Oh, By the way, I wrote this s*** on the fly 5 years ago, along with 1000s of other blogs.

Trust me the job is getting done. Its sheep like U that get exactly what you ask for and nothing else.

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Jun 19, 2011 #301412

Ai.o.phx-alumni, you're insane bro.
You can't bash other people who have had good experiences with AI based on their major. And you can't even form correct sentences so I think you should calm your *** down a bit before you try looking like an "expert". As for your comment about calling them up and saying that you aren't ready to go there and having them ask you what your problem is...I did that exact thing and no one asked me what my problem was. The woman I spoke with was actually pretty respectful about it. It's clear that this school is a for profit school. Making all of this noise is ridiculous. Facts are right there for you and anyone who decides to attend AI, it is completely your decision and responsibility. Stop being cowards. And if they ruined your credit, in most cases, it's probably your fault. If they really did something that was illegal that resulted in something bad for you, that's too bad and they should be made to rectify the situation. But, the fact their recruiters are there to recruit..doesn't make YOU signing a contract their fault. End of story.

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Jun 15, 2011 #299881

Truth is, 'privately owned' schools and 'for-profit organizations' are all red flags that should make you run for your life! Don't try or trust any part of them and especially don't talk with advisers. They live off of commission and have little regard for your wellbeing or future. Here is the real scoop, I have several friends in Phoenix who work as recruiters and academic advisers for EDMC and to put it straight / honest, they are told directly to swindle, scam and rip you off to meet quota. Little but money matters to the people in charge and everyone's job is constantly on the line if they don't meet quota each month no matter how long or short term a pristine track record they have at the company. When working there they are considered a sales team, nothing more. That means all the same low pathetic sh1t you see happen at car dealerships is happening there too. EDMC has no care for the jobs and livelihood of their own employees and sees them as expendable (Much less will they ever care about any students or quality of teachers they hire). Big proof of that is very much shown in that they have their major call centers located here in AZ, 'a right to work state' that allows employers to fire people without reason and without accountability for how sh1tty a company they choose to be. They have free reign to *** over whoever they want too at any time and believe me, AZ is over-saturated with companies who take full advantage of this. It's the common attitude and norm here.... Show more

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Jun 09, 2011 #296591

Lol not a spy. Just a realist and not a coward or a child.

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Jun 08, 2011 #295723

This is kind of crazy. After reading all of this, I've come to the conclusion that a lot of you are really bitter. I've gone to schools where they have recruiters and set up loans for me through their school and you know what? I did fine. I didn't like the program very much, but I still had to pay for what I learned. I still had to follow through with the contract that I signed. I don't really know if you all realize this, but this is COLLEGE. It's not high school, it's not middle school. It's not first grade. The teachers aren't going to baby talk you and hold your hand through the program. And the financial aid office is there for you when YOU want them to be. You set it up to check on things. If you think that the school is going to handle everything for you, you're wrong. You can't just sign on the dotted line, and do your school work thinking that the financial part of it is over. Once you sign on that dotted line, you HAVE to pay back what you owe. And I find it ridiculous that you guys really think that a school can guarantee you a job upon graduation. That's up to you. I don't know why but I get the feeling that AI is a good school for smart people. Don't set yourself up to fail. Read your contracts. ITS YOUR CHOICE TO SIGN A CONTRACT. It's your choice to go to that school. It's almost like going to AI was a really cool idea until the money part came in or until it came time to graduate and you didn't work hard enough to gain the skills to get a job. Work hard. There... Show more

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Jun 07, 2011 #295467

Dairt, you took the words right out of my mouth. Bravo, sir.

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Jun 02, 2011 #293622

I also worked for one of the Art Institutes in financial aid and completely agree with the previous poster. I also felt guilty and quit 6 months later. The admissions counselors have a lot of pressure on them to enroll students and meet their quotas. Part of them meeting their numbers is to make sure the potential students have their financial aid in place. The admissions counselors would shuttle the potential students into the financial aid office who obviously could not afford the school in any way shape or form. They would then require us to push private loans onto them (since regular students loans are not enough to cover the insanely high tuition costs). The majority of these students had no credit/low credit scores and would need a cosigner. We were then required to push them to find someone who would cosign with them. These loans are not good! They often require payments while the student is still in school, have very high interest rates, and unfavorable repayment terms. As the previous poster said, half the time, these students drop out and now have a ton of debt with nothing to show for it. Please consider going to a public school where you will get the advantage of lower tuition, networking opportunities with alumni, name recognition, and access to more resources.

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dissatisfied student

Jun 02, 2011 #293540

I have been attending the art institute of phoenix for almost two years - I have had nothing but problems with student housing - I have had to move 4 times - My first roommate was bringing beer in to the dorm, having prostitutes at early hours of the morning and I saw him give beer to a minor - when I turned him it I had to move and it cost me $80.00 - the second place one of the roommates did not do his dishes for 4 months and the only reason the did anything about it was because the place got infested with bed bugs - the third place i was moved to the roommates would not lock the front door, had the thermostat turned to 60 degrees when it was 110 outside and became infested with bed bugs - one of those roommate bagged his bedding to be washed so the could fog the place he brought the bedding back into the dorm without washing them and we got reinfested - the next set of roommate did not wash their dished for 4 weeks, the toilet in their room was so dirty it was black and the trash was not emptied for 3 weeks - I am not their mommy or daddy and should not have to clean up after them- they have just recently appointed a new person in charge of student housing I hope she will be able to straighten the mess that has persisted in the prior years - I do have to say that the school is a great school as far as the academic, but do not use their student housing

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May 29, 2011 #292039

I am an alumnus of an Art Institute and I must disagree with much of what was posted. I was not bullied into going to the school; I chose to go to a top flight School specializing in culinary arts. I received an AS & BS and am very happy with the education and the change it spurred in my life. Nothing is perfect, but this education enabled me to go further than I would have ever thought. Those of you who point out the fact that they allow students in that would not get into other colleges....don't you think everyone deserves at least a shot at a college education. Many people have been systemically oppressed by colleges for years only allowing the "cream" of the crop to get in. This school provides a haven for those who are turned away by traditional universities that have already filled there diversity quotas. Furthermore, this school is regionally accredited by the same body that accredits most major state universities such as Penn state, Pitt, Robert Morris, so on and so forth. Haters will hate……

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May 12, 2011 #285364

All those considering a for-profit school: Students loans are the only kind that can never be forgiven -- meaning even if you declare bankruptcy, you will pay every dollar. If you don't graduate you will pay every cent. The federal government can garnish your tax returns, etc. It can ruin your credit so you can't buy a house, a car or even get a credit card. Think seriously before taking out any debts.

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Teacher at AI

May 06, 2011 #283297

I teach at AI and my students get a high quality education. I also teach at other institutions and the material is the same. The Chicago school is accredited at the same level as the area universities. The only real problem is that AI will give most people the chance to succeed. Many students come underprepared and unwilling to even study. I agree, if someone is unable to formulate a clear sentence then there is no real reason to pay attention their complaint. Everyone is quick to blame when often one needs to look in the mirror. Everyone should read and understand any contract before signing.

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Apr 28, 2011 #280058

To: Written by Dairt on 24-03-2011 09:54
You are an EDMC SPY!
Nothing more to say.

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Apr 26, 2011 #279085

One issue I am dealing with now is I took 2 online classes through the Pittsburgh Division through the Hollywood campus. I never received any documents to sign to finish my loan application process and for financial aid. I was under the impression everything was taken care of, being a former student at the Santa Monica location. Well they slammed me personally with a $4200 bill which is now sitting in collections. I am a full time student with Ai, but at the Nashville location.

Hollywood school has my contact info... You think they could give you a courtesy call touching base with you, but I was tolled it's my responsibility... Well maybe if I was informed that I should be receiving documents I would have been on top of it.

My financial aid officer at my current location is pretty much worthless and wont do her job. She basically tolled me she didn't know what to do and tolled me to call people...

After all this these 2 classes were not even transferred. I never even needed the classes. My adviser just wanted to get me locked in again.

Lesson learned don't ever assume anything, and take care of yourself.

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Mar 31, 2011 #267712 Erode, Tamil Nadu, India

:upset You know; I have read alot about these AI. Its a devilous shame that you have to research afte the fact. I have been sucked into the drama. I have been put through some things with this school and by God someone has to give me some answers. I was told I was under forbearance until I get out; without know I still had to pay a fee. Now, these jokers want $1200 dollars or get out of housing. They are a trip. They screwed this account up and want to make me pay. Wrote the white house and its a shame that I love what I was doing as a hobbie ; that now has become my lively hood. I would like for everyone that check this site daily to get the word out...go to the local newspaper and post. I have thought about picketting maybe!

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Mar 31, 2011 #267711 Erode, Tamil Nadu, India

:upset You know; I have read alot about these AI. Its a devilous shame that you have to research afte the fact. I have been sucked into the drama. I have been put through some things with this school and by God someone has to give me some answers. I was told I was under forbearance until I get out; without know I still had to pay a fee. Now, these jokers want $1200 dollars or get out of housing. They are a trip. They screwed this account up and want to make me pay. Wrote the white house and its a shame that I love what I was doing as a hobbie ; that now has become my lively hood. I would like for everyone that check this site daily to get the word out...go to the local newspaper and post. I have thought about picketting maybe!

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Mar 24, 2011 #264577

When the person slamming the university can't even be bothered to use correct grammar/spelling, I lose all interest in hearing what he/she has to say. Go back to high school English and pay attention this time. Maybe THAT'S your real issue, a decided lack of EARNING your education. You paid FOR it, now pay attention TO it.

A college can NOT ruin your credit. They CAN charge you whatever YOU AGREE TO for your education. When you quit paying off the money that you borrowed AND SIGNED A STATEMENT AGREEING TO TERMS IN PAYING BACK, you can ruin your own credit. The school is obligated to provide you - without deception - is the education they spell out in a contract that you sign. No more than that.

You're smarter now that you've screwed up and are being held accountable for your mistakes. Learn the lesson and go forward instead of blaming everyone else for your failure. The successes you see are not those who did not fail, rather the ones that learned from their failures and moved forward.

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Previous EDMC Employee

Mar 09, 2011 #258295

I worked for EDMC, AI Online and can tell you first hand that I felt guilty every day about counseling students in financial aid. It is a joke - the school requires 180 credits for a BA in Graphic Design!!!!!!! 90% of schools only require 120 credits. The extra credits help to tack onto the total cost of tuition - students will not graduate without being at least $60,000 in debt (and that is for the students who receive the FULL amount of PELL), other students will graduate with $90,000 + of debt. It is disgusting. Please do your homework before you enter into a probam at AI Online. There are so many better options available to you - for the money you will make when you graduate, you can enter a 2 year trade program, with half the debt, and be making double the money.Over half of the students I counseled DID NOT EVEN GRADUATE, due to reaching their aggregate loan limits ($57,500), when this happens if you do not have fantastic credit or a co-signer you will be forced to leave school and begin repaying your debt with NO DIPLOMA! Please, please, please think very carefully before you enter this school!

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