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ola soy padre un graduado de esta supuesta academia profecional , como todo padre decea que nuestros hijos octenga la mas alta educacion para nuestros hijos, tal vez sacrificando lo que no tenemos esperando de sierta forma recuperlo despues , *** una educacion de primera tal cual se nos promete y de esta manera poder competin de un manera honesta *** el trabajo se se suponia podrian... Read more

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I like a few of the teachers that i had during my forst quarter i passed all of my classes with straight A. The administration how ever lied about almost everything from helping with job locations to housing. They do not care to help anyone but themselves as long as your check clears that is all that matters this school was the biggest mistake i have ever made iny life and unfortunately it will... Read more

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I attended the open house of the art institute in Hollywood. After the end of the open house the woman who was supporting us of any questions that needed to be answered and was showing us all rooms and areas of the school, stated as a result of attending the open house we will receive a fee waiver for the registration. Pawn giving them the field registration we were asked to speak to... Read more

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The campus uses out-dated hardware and software. As a "career focused" school the teachers will be the first to tell you that the most important thing is your portfolio and who you know. They all admit the degree from AI is worthless, and many companies have had bad experiences with AI graduates and won't hire them. Career services claims to find everyone a job within 6 months but counts jobs... Read more

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They as a private school do not and will not give you a core curriculum or degree plan to review prior to their "family phone interview."Terrible pressure to do this on their time . This is a school that is for profit. The curriculum should be crystal clear, in writing about different degree plans, not some interview with "the family only," and applying for financial status. Trust your gut... Read more

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Help has arrived for scammed students via Defense to Repayment! Visit i am AI on facebook for details. Add comment

As an inspiring Fashion designer, I enrolled at AI of New York.. I was so excited to be in and atmosphere with so many like-minded students and fancy equipment ,that could help me reach my professional goal's. I ignored all the the complaints I was hearing all around me from the students and whispering staff. The students complained of FRAUD and not receiving a adequate education for the 60,000... Read more

Was this review helpful? 6 0 Clear the parents, and the students who attended the Art Institutes from 2003-2011, from their loan debts. These people are innocent to the fact that their money, intended for education, had been used to commit fraud. There are currently 18,502 signatures. NEW goal - We need 20,000 signatures! In 2011, the U.S. Department of Justice sued... Read more

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I'm scheduled for two classes, tomorrow at this school, that by the way, I didn't even choose myself. I didn't realise until recently that everyone hate this school! I've been reading horror stories about this school all over the internet. A few hours a ago I sent an email letting them know that I would like to unenroll, before I become too ensnared in this *** fest. The staff has been calling me... Read more

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The art institute And chef Tanner recuses To let me drop out in time To prevent gov. Funds From being allocated, so they could fraudulently keep the money at my single moms expense, causing us great fianancial hardships Read more

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